Unmasking the Bull Run: Five Stocks Taking the Market by Storm

Embark on a thrilling stock-market journey with five booming stocks! Discover ANSS, ARCT, SMCI, IT, and STM. #InvestSmart


7/24/20233 min read

Alright folks, hold on to your screens and refill those coffee cups. We're about to embark on a thrilling journey through the wild and wonderful world of Wall Street, where numbers dance and money talks. Today, we'll dive into five stocks that are making waves, attracting big sharks, and treating shareholders like kings.


First up, we've got ANSYS, the software superstar. Showing off a 36% EPS growth last quarter and maintaining a three-year growth rate of 19.1%, ANSYS is more consistent than your grandmother's apple pie recipe. Sure, there are whispers of a 20% decrease this quarter, but remember, these guys exceeded the last earnings estimate by 10% - so surprises are their thing.

With a yearly EPS that's been on the rise for the past four years, a sales growth of 20% in the last quarter, and an enviable pre-tax margin of 41.3%, ANSYS is looking as sumptuous as a Thanksgiving spread. Their stock is only 3% off the 52-week high, trading higher than their 50-day moving average. The institutional investors are flocking to this stock faster than teens to a TikTok trend. So keep an eye on ANSS - this software may turn into gold-ware!

Arcturus Therapeutics Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: ARCT)

Next, we've got Arcturus Therapeutics, the biotech bigwig. ARCT has got a stock price that's shining brighter than the actual Arcturus star, trading 18% above its 50-day moving average. With a colossal earnings surprise of 219.1%, Arcturus is the Santa Claus of surprises.

They've shown a sales growth as massive as their ambition โ€“ a whopping 1432% in the last quarter. Debt? What's that? Arcturus operates without any, making it as light as a feather and swift as a falcon. The company has seen a 12% increase in funds owning the stock, so watch out, the wolves of Wall Street are definitely eyeing ARCT.

Super Micro Computer Inc (NASDAQ: SMCI)

Switching gears, let's talk tech. Super Micro Computer Inc (SMCI) is making strides, with an EPS growth that's hotter than a freshly baked pizza. Despite a slight slip in the last quarter's earnings estimate, the projected EPS change for this year is a massive 110%.

Despite a small 5% dip in last quarter's sales, SMCI has maintained a three-year sales growth of 31%. The ROE sits pretty at 24.7%, and with a market cap of $15.9 billion, SMCI is not just any tech stock, it's a tech behemoth. More funds are placing their bets on SMCI, indicating that this tech titan is turning heads on Wall Street.

Gartner Inc. (NYSE: IT)

Coming up next is Gartner, the information technology consulting company that's as solid as a rock. Despite the projected decrease of 12% in the upcoming quarter, Gartner's EPS growth has been holding steady, and the sales are increasing faster than your Uber Eats delivery time.

The pre-tax margin is at a decent 20.3% and a whopping ROE of 304.8%, even though the debt/equity ratio could give some investors a run for their money. The current stock price is only 6% off its 52-week high, making Gartner a tempting catch for any investor.

STMicroelectronics NV (NYSE: STM)

Last but certainly not least, we have STMicroelectronics, the company that's as vibrant as its industry. With a solid EPS growth, strong sales growth, and a pre-tax margin of 27.8%, STM is as robust as it gets. The ROE is a whopping 36.2%, and the debt-to-equity ratio is as balanced as a zen master.

Trading at $50.65, STM is buzzing along nicely, and the stock is 7% above its 50-day moving average. Despite a recent dip in fund ownership, this semiconductor is hot to trot and might just turn into a micro-monster!

And there you have it, folks. Five stocks turning Wall Street into their personal playground. As always, remember to do your own research and never invest more than you're willing to lose. The stock market is a wild ride, so buckle up, stay informed, and let's enjoy the thrill of the chase together. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the wonderful world of Wall Street!