Navigating Through a Sea of Potential Growth

Pack your financial bags as we navigate's impressive growth journey! Buckle up for this exciting investment adventure!


7/7/20231 min read

Hello, stock enthusiasts! Today we're zooming in on Group Ltd (NASDAQ: TCOM). Ready to embark on a journey through this travel giant's numbers?

For starters, their earnings per share (EPS) is set to be reported on September 20, 2023. Now, brace yourselves because this is a trip worth taking. The EPS is estimated to skyrocket by a whopping 456% in the current quarter! Last quarter, they outperformed projections with a 135.7% higher earnings result. Although there's no consecutive annual growth in EPS, the current year estimate suggests a massive increase of 448%.

On the sales front, they've experienced a surge of 107% in the last quarter despite a 3-year sales growth rate of -5%. The pre-tax margin stands at 12.4% with a return on equity (ROE) of 1.1%. The Debt/Equity ratio? A solid 16%.

In terms of share price, is currently trading at $35.00, which is 13% off its 52-week high. The stock is trading 2% above its 50-day moving average, with an average volume of 5.2 million shares over the last 50 days.

With a market cap of $22.8 billion and increasing fund ownership over the last three quarters, is charting a course towards potential growth. So, buckle up, because this stock may be going places!