This Week in Stocks: Keep Your Umbrella Handy for Weatherford International & Enjoy the Steady Climb with Roper Tech

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7/17/20232 min read

Hello, dear readers! The stock market is like a superhero movie these days - full of thrills, twists, and if you're lucky, a big payoff at the end. Here's a snapshot of five stocks that are rocking the rollercoaster.

Stock #1: Weatherford International plc (NASDAQ: WFRD)

First on our list, Weatherford International is setting the market on fire with a crazy uptrend. Although their three-year sales growth rate has been as slippery as a fish with a -1%, they've seen a quarterly sales increase of 26%. Now, that's a comeback!

Their EPS report is looming on the horizon (July 25, 2023), but with an expected whopping 1129% EPS change for this quarter, we think they've got it covered. And oh, by the way, they outperformed their earnings expectations by 14.5% last quarter. The next quarter is looking as bright as the summer sun with an expected EPS change of 439%.

However, be aware that their debt-to-equity ratio stands tall at 412% - that's higher than my caffeine levels on a Monday morning.

Stock #2: Roper Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: ROP)

Ring-a-ding-ding - it's Roper Technologies, steadily climbing up the ladder. With an EPS change of 19% last quarter and an average EPS growth of 17.8% over the last three quarters, this is a stock that's as reliable as your grandma's apple pie recipe.

Roper has been flexing their sales muscle with a 15% increase last quarter and a healthy pre-tax margin of 36.2%. Watch out, though, as the number of funds owning this stock has been on a slight downward trend. But hey, nothing a bit of good PR can't fix, right?

Stock #3: YPF SA (NYSE: YPF)

Next up, we're going international with YPF SA. This Argentinian energy company is as vibrant as a tango dance, showing some interesting twists and turns. Their EPS grew by 43% in the last quarter, and their sales boomed by 21%. Their pre-tax margin and ROE make my eyes pop - 2128.1% and 2946.0% respectively. ยกAy, caramba!

A word of caution, though. The EPS for this year is expected to do a tango dip with a decrease of 15%. But with increasing fund ownership last quarter, investors seem to be saying, "Dance on!"

Stock #4: Synopsys Inc (NASDAQ: SNPS)

Synopsys Inc is standing tall and firm in the market - just like that guy at the gym who refuses to give up the treadmill. Their EPS has seen a stable increase, with a projected boom of 50% for the current quarter. Plus, they surprised us last quarter with an astounding 52.9% earnings leap.

With a 9% sales increase last quarter and a strong pre-tax margin of 33.3%, they're as fit as a fiddle. And they have zero debt - talk about financial six-pack abs!

Stock #5: Fabrinet (NYSE: FN)

Last but not least, we have Fabrinet. Don't let the last position fool you. This stock is like a dark horse - strong, steady, and ready to gallop ahead. With an EPS growth of 29% and a sales increase of 18% last quarter, they're flexing their financial muscles.

Their debt-to-equity ratio is as tiny as a mouse - a mere 1%. But with a 2% decrease in fund ownership, they might need a bit more spotlight to shine on the investment stage.

Wrapping it up

There you have it, folks. This week's market ride has been as exciting as a day at the amusement park. As always, don't forget to do your own due diligence before making any financial decisions. Stay tuned for more stock market rollercoaster rides with us!