Stock Spotlight: The Numbers That Make Them Shine!

Explore the sizzling stats of top stocks! ๐Ÿš€ Dive into growth, earnings & more for Axon, FMX & others. Your gateway to wise investing! ๐ŸŒŸ


8/21/20232 min read

Ahoy stock enthusiasts! โš“ Let's set sail through the vast ocean of numbers and unveil what makes these companies stand out. Grab your financial compass and letโ€™s embark!

1. Axon Enterprise Inc (NASDAQ: AXON) - The Growth Maestro!

Whoa! Axon seems to be turning on the turbo jets with that whopping 152% EPS change last quarter. And with sales revving up by 31%, itโ€™s looking less like a steady turtle and more like a galloping gazelle. That said, their debt/equity ratio of 53% suggests they're not too reckless. But hey, when you're $200.10 a share and cruising just 13% off your 52-week high, life seems pretty good.

2. Fomento Economico Mexicano SAB ADR (NYSE: FMX) - The Mexicano Marvel!

Hold your sombreros! FMX is sprinting forward with an EPS change of 128%. Sales are sizzling with a 39% rise last quarter. Although the stock took a tiny, wee siesta with a 35% downward revision for the quarterโ€™s EPS, itโ€™s still a party at a price of $116.04. Pass the guacamole!

3. Sterling Infrastructure, Inc. (NASDAQ:STRL) - The Infrastructure Titan!

With Sterling, it's all about solid foundations. Their 37% EPS change last quarter and a commendable 4 years of consecutive annual EPS growth scream stability. A price of $77.02, standing 8% off its 52-week zenith, means this one is ready to build higher skyscrapers. And hey, with 8 quarters of rising fund ownership, the audience seems to be loving the show.

4. Oracle Corp (NYSE: ORC) - The Tech Behemoth!

Oracle is more like the wise old owl, consistent and steady. Their 8% EPS change and a 3-year growth rate of 9% might not be flashy, but this tech giant isn't about the bling. At a price of $116.46 and a titanic market cap of $314.4 Billion, it's like the Great Wall of the tech domain - unyielding and impressive.

5. Atlas Energy Solutions Inc (NYSE: AESI) - The Energetic Dynamo!

Talk about a bolt from the blue! AESI's EPS estimate for the quarter is electrifying at a 235% change. That 23% rise in sales and a shockingly (pun intended!) high ROE of 51.1% make this a high-voltage stock at $22.09. Definitely not one to keep in the dark.