STMicroelectronics: Semiconductor Sovereign Scaling New Heights

Dive into STMicroelectronics' stellar growth story in the semiconductor space. Fast, steady, and spectacular. #STM #TechStocks


7/29/20231 min read

Remember the age-old adage, slow and steady wins the race? Well, we might need to revise that, as STMicroelectronics NV (NYSE: STM) seems to have rewritten the rules by being both steady and speedy.

For starters, the company's earnings per share (EPS) growth has been nothing short of a sci-fi blockbuster. With a 39% surge in the last quarter and a spectacular 75.9% average growth over the last three quarters, STM is lighting up the semiconductor industry like the Fourth of July.

The company's annual earnings are on a winning streak, too, with a skyrocketing growth rate of 71% over the last three years. If this isn't an encore worthy performance, we don't know what is!

The semiconductor titan isn't just about earnings. Its sales figures are up 20% in the last quarter, and the 3-year sales growth rate is at a remarkable 22%. STM maintains a solid pre-tax margin of 27.8%, along with an impressive ROE of 36.2%.

The company currently trades at $50.65, standing tall and only a hair's breadth from its 52-week high. With a market capitalization of $45.7 billion, STM seems poised to conquer the world.

In conclusion, STM's performance has been as bright and enduring as the semiconductors it produces. With its fast and steady growth, STM is the tortoise and the hare, all in one.