PulteGroup, Inc.: Building a Solid Portfolio with This Housing Giant

Building wealth with PulteGroup Inc., a housing industry giant! Uncover what makes PHM a solid investment choice. #StockAnalysis


7/12/20231 min read

Hello, savvy investors! Are you ready for a high-rise adventure? Today, we're putting our hard hats on to delve into the heart of the housing industry with PulteGroup, Inc. (NYSE: PHM).

Situated in the fruitful landscape of the New York Stock Exchange, PulteGroup has been laying a solid foundation of consistent performance in the market. And by solid, we mean rock-hard cement, steel girders, the whole nine yards!

Shifting gears to earnings, this building behemoth has posted a 28% EPS increase in its latest quarter. It boasts an average EPS growth over the last three quarters of 40.3%. However, don't be too quick to pop the champagne. Analysts are forecasting a potential EPS drop of 8% in the upcoming quarter.

Moving on to the finances, we see an impressive increase in sales by 14% in the previous quarter. This company has a three-year sales growth rate of 19%, and sports a pre-tax margin and annual ROE of 20.7% and 31.3% respectively. To top it off, the debt-to-equity ratio is a comfortable 30%.

From a technical viewpoint, the current stock price is $75.03, which is 5% off its 52-week high but still 6% above its 50-day moving average. The average trading volume over the past 50 days is 2.9 million shares, indicating lively trading activity.

With a market capitalization of $16.7 billion and an 8% increase in fund ownership, PulteGroup is no small player in the field.

So, investors, are you ready to lay the foundation of a solid portfolio with PulteGroup? Remember, in investing and in construction, a good blueprint is key to success!