Perion Network Ltd: A Hidden Gem in the Stock Market!

Discover the hidden gem of the stock market: Perion Network Ltd (NASDAQ: PERI). High growth rates, promising future! #InvestSmart #HiddenGemStock


8/5/20231 min read

Step right up, folks, and feast your eyes on Perion Network Ltd (NASDAQ: PERI) - a hidden gem twinkling brightly in the vast universe of the stock market!

Just take a look at that earnings sparkle! Perion's earnings per share (EPS) glowed with a 36% increase last quarter, and has maintained an average EPS growth of 44.7% over the last three quarters. And the gleam doesn't end there, folks. We're looking at an expected EPS growth of 42% for the current quarter!

As for sales? You bet they're shining bright, too! Perion has experienced a 16% sales increase in the last quarter, and a dazzling three-year sales growth rate of 39%. The company also boasts a pre-tax margin of 21.1% and a return on equity of 22.8% - just another couple facets of this jewel of a stock!

Currently priced at $35.25, the stock is glittering 7% above its 50-day moving average. And guess what? Institutional investors seem to think Perion is quite a treasure, too - fund ownership has been increasing over the past eight quarters!

When it comes to enhancing your investment portfolio, Perion Network Ltd could very well be the hidden gem you've been looking for!