HCA Healthcare Inc: A Prescription for Strong Returns?

Is HCA Healthcare Inc the right prescription for your portfolio? Explore the vital signs of this healthcare stock. #StockAnalysis #HCABlog


7/13/20231 min read

Greetings, health-conscious investors! Today, we're turning our stethoscopes towards HCA Healthcare Inc (NYSE: HCA), a gem in the bustling healthcare industry. So let's put on our white coats and see if this stock is just what the doctor ordered for a healthy portfolio.

HCA Healthcare Inc, with its next quarter earnings announcement due on 07/27/2023, has been delivering strong performance, displaying a robust 20% growth in EPS during the last quarter. Over the last three quarters, it averaged an EPS growth of 3.5% and even managed to hit an earnings surprise of 26.0% last quarter.

However, despite this glowing health report, there are no consecutive years of annual EPS growth. Nevertheless, the company is expected to exhibit a 7% EPS growth for the current year.

When it comes to sales, HCA has recorded a 4% increase in the last quarter and has a commendable three-year growth rate of 8%. The company operates with a healthy pre-tax margin of 12.2%.

Now for the stock's vitals. HCA is currently trading at $291.49. It is slightly off its 52-week high by 4%, but is showing a promising 4% above its 50-day moving average. The average trading volume over the past 50 days is 1.2 million.

With a substantial market capitalization of $80.2 billion and an uptick in fund ownership by 2%, it's clear that HCA Healthcare has a firm hand on the pulse of the market.

So, investors, ready to give your portfolio a shot of health with HCA Healthcare Inc? Remember, a well-balanced portfolio is a healthy portfolio!