Gartner Inc: Defying the Odds in the Market

Explore the magic of Gartner Inc's stock performance. Defying odds with robust EPS growth, and capturing investor interest. #GartnerInc


7/28/20231 min read

If you've ever doubted that the tech industry can keep innovating, think again. Gartner Inc. (NYSE: IT) is living proof that the only way is up when you're in the tech realm.

Let's talk numbers, shall we? Gartner's earnings per share (EPS) have been the talk of Wall Street, boasting a 24% increase last quarter. With an average growth rate of 22% over the past three quarters, Gartner seems to be pulling rabbits out of its hat consistently.

But, the magic doesn't stop there. Gartner has experienced significant growth in annual earnings over the past three years, recording an impressive 47% growth rate. That's the kind of magic we're talking about!

Sales, too, have shown a marked improvement. A 12% rise in the last quarter and an average three-year growth rate of 11% have kept Gartner in the limelight.

A slight shadow over this bright picture is Gartner's high debt-to-equity ratio. However, with the company's stock priced at $355.85 and a market capitalization of $28.1 billion, it seems to be managing well.

Institutional investors seem to agree, with a 2% increase in the number of funds owning Gartner stock. When the experts place their trust in a company, it's hard to ignore.

So, is Gartner a great catch in the tech ocean? It certainly seems so!