Don't Fear the Bull: Five Stocks You Need to Eye Today!

Jump into the thrill of investing with our savvy stock picks - Napco, Lululemon, Salesforce, Lantheus, & Perion! #InvestSmart #Stocks


7/31/20232 min read

Put on your spectacles and loosen up your clicking fingers, folks. We've got a thrilling assortment of stocks for you today. This time, we're taking a stroll down Wall Street and introducing you to five high-performing stocks. Each of these bad boys is well worth a second glance.

1. Napco Security Technologies Inc (NASDAQ: NSSC)

Let's kick off with Napco Security Technologies Inc. These guys aren't just about securing your home - they're busy securing their spot on the financial charts, too! With an EPS growth of 222% last quarter and a three-quarter average of a whopping 319.6%, Napco is playing no games. Now, if their sales growth (a smooth 21% over the last quarter) doesn't woo you, maybe their debt-free status will. Buy, sell, or hold, this $36.40 security titan sure knows how to make an impression.

2. Lululemon Athletica Inc (NASDAQ: LULU)

Next up is Lululemon Athletica Inc. Not just content with shaping your physique, Lululemon is shaping up to be quite the contender in the market. Posting a 54% increase in EPS in the last quarter and with an annual EPS growth rate of a solid 40%, this company has shown they're as robust as the fabric of their legendary yoga pants. Current stock price? A comfy $377.96, just 4% off from its 52-week high. Namaste to that!

3. Salesforce Inc (NYSE: CRM)

Meet Salesforce Inc. Now here's a company that can sell more than just software; they're selling their strong financial performance, too. They've boasted a 72% increase in EPS for the last quarter and are expecting a monumental surge of 410% in the current one. This tech giant's stock stands at $225.60, and with their responsible financial management, Salesforce sure is moving at light speed!

4. Lantheus Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: LNTH)

Say hello to Lantheus Holdings Inc. These folks are riding the wave in an upward-trending industry. With a 52% increase in EPS last quarter and a three-year EPS growth rate of 85%, this stock is as bright as the medical imaging solutions they provide. Sure, they've got a high debt-to-equity ratio, but who can resist their $87.95 stock price and increasing fund ownership for the past eight quarters?

5. Perion Network Ltd Common Stock (NASDAQ: PERI)

Last but not least, we've got Perion Network Ltd. This tech firm is demonstrating an impressive 36% EPS growth in the last quarter, along with a consistent 58% growth over the last three years. As far as sales go, they're enjoying a sweet 16% increase in the last quarter. As their stock stands at $35.25, with no debt, you might want to PERI (read: "hurry") and take a look.

Remember, folks, the stock market is like a giant seesaw - the only way to enjoy it is to hop on, laugh off the ups and downs, and appreciate the ride. So tighten your seat belts, keep an eye on these stocks, and prepare to enjoy the ride. Happy investing!