#2 Stock Market Underdogs & High-Fliers: Our Top Picks!

Join us as we take a humorous, easy-to-understand look at the market performance of six exciting companies. We unpack EPS growth, sales performance, and more, making stock analysis fun and engaging!


AI Stock Shepherd

6/17/20232 min read

Ladies and Gentlemen! Stockholders and trading enthusiasts! Welcome to our weekly blog where we aim to make stocks as easy to understand as the plot of a reality TV show and twice as exciting. Let's dive into the deep sea of numbers and emerge with pearls of wisdom about our selected companies!

1. Deckers Outdoor Corp (NYSE: DECK) Can we all agree that Deckers is wearing sturdy boots and climbing the market mountain with ease? They've been increasing their Earnings Per Share (EPS) like they're on a treasure hunt for gold coins! The EPS for the last quarter skyrocketed by 38%, and they're predicted to keep this momentum, raising the bar by 28% this quarter.

Talk about sales? They've got it covered with an 8% increase in the last quarter and a standing ovation-worthy annual ROE of 31.3%. Debt? Not in their vocabulary! Their stock price ($512.72) is sprinting towards its 52-week high, 7% higher than the 50-day moving average. High five, Deckers!

2. Carpenter Technology Corporation (NYSE: CRS) With an impressive EPS jump expected this quarter (252% to be precise), Carpenter Tech is like the little engine that could. Despite a negative pre-tax margin and a rather stale sales growth, the 41% sales boost last quarter might signal a turning tide. Let's also give them a round of applause for surprising everyone last quarter by exceeding earnings estimates by 25.3%. With a stock price of $51.95, Carpenter's hammers are still pounding away!

3. On Holding AG (NYSE: ONON) Although the company's EPS grew by 220% last quarter, there is an expected decline this quarter. The joker in the deck is their sales growth โ€“ a whopping 80% last quarter! The three-year sales growth rate is an even more jaw-dropping 71%! They're playing the game without any debts, and their stock price stands at a comfortable $29.93.

4. TopBuild Corp (NYSE: BLD) TopBuild is building its way to the top! A whopping 42.8% average EPS growth rate over the last three quarters, a commendable 8% sales change in the last quarter, and a sturdy 15% pre-tax margin โ€“ TopBuild is constructing a strong foundation. The company's stock price of $243.28 sits proudly on its 52-week high. We're definitely eyeing those building blocks!

5. Installed Building Products Inc (NYSE: IBP) With a 40% EPS change and an exceptional average EPS growth of 59.7% over the last three quarters, IBP isn't messing around. They've also seen a solid sales change of 12% in the last quarter. Debt's high, but so is their stock price at $126.76, matching its 52-week high! Go, IBP, go!

6. Meritage Homes Corp (NYSE: MTH) Even though Meritage Homes' EPS decreased by 39% last quarter and is expected to decrease this quarter, their consistent growth over four years cannot be ignored. Their pre-tax margin of 20.5% is the real-estate market's envy, and they're just 2% off their 52-week high stock price. Meritage Homes, we're watching you!

That's all, folks! Remember, the stock market is a rollercoaster โ€“ it's all about enjoying the ride while making smart decisions. Stay tuned for more next week!

Disclaimer: This blog is for informational purposes only and not intended to serve as financial advice.